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Sansha in the Press

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  in the press
Every month, Sansha is present in the international dance magazine. Reference for many dancers all around the world.
Thanks to those ads our new products, our best sellers, our brands and our gorgeous line are discovered by dancers everyday.

Europe – Dance Europe – Covering performances across Europe and behond
In English and in Spanish Sansha introduce new products or best sellers every month.
November 2016: Discover F.R.Duval pointe shoes
November 2016
Discover F.R.Duval pointe shoes -
6 shanks, 5 widths, 2 vamps options
November 2016: Discover F.R.Duval pointe shoes
December 2016
600 Series
Discover Sansha amazing 600 series pointe shoes

France – Danse – European Dance News
In French, Sansha present amazing offers with new collection or Back to School.
January 2017
Tutto Nero
Amazing offer to celebrate 2017, on Sneakers
February 2017
THE new Airy and Light soft shoes by Sansha

USA – Dance Retailer News – The news magazine for retail community
Rediscover Sansha every month on the back cover of this ..... magazine. Enjoy our amazing offers.
November 2016: The Unique ballet slipper PRO 1C
November 2016
The Unique ballet slipper PRO 1C

USA – Pointe – 100% ballet
Every 2 months, enjoy your reading thanks to Sansha on the Opening spread pages.
Discover our best sellers and our brands.
June/July 2016
Unique Pointe shoes
August/September 2016
Discover our new Pointe shoes and Soft shoes


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